CorbinFisher - ACM - Dane & Elian After Hours Cum Swap

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Description: Get up close and intimate with two of our most popular guys, Elian and Dane, in this sexual and sensual After Hours episode! Dane’s in his element in these After Hours sessions - whether or not he knows it, those sultry looks he gives his partner and the camera while getting fucked are truly hot! Dane’s further in his element with Elian, though. You can absolutely tell Dane loves getting it on with buff, studly Elian, and Elian also can’t get enough of Dane. These two are so in to one another, in fact, that we had to make this one a flip-fuck. Just like Dane, Elian looks absolutely amazing while staring right at us through the camera as his hole gets drilled. While we’d think Elian would be the top in this pairing, he’s clearly glad we made this one a flip-fuck as it’s Dane’s dick drilling his hole that sends Elian over the edge and makes him paint his abs in cum - cum that’s soon mixed with Dane’s as he shoots immediately after Elian. The hot action doesn’t finish there, though - the cum-soaked kissing these guys end the action with must not be missed!
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