Bentley Race - Skippy Baxter and Sarpa Van Rider

Duration: 25:59 Views: 214 Submitted: 2 months ago
Description: I just finished this very hot shoot with my mates Skippy Baxter and Sarpa Van Rider. Both of my mates have appeared in lots of Bentley scenes in the past. But this is the scene where Skippy tops for the first time. And Sarpa was the perfect mate to pair him with. We all met up back at my apartment so I could grab a lot of photos of the guys getting to know each other a bit more. Then we got in to making one of the hottest action videos I’ve seen. Sarpa kept trying to get Skippy’s clothes off. But it was Skippy who was winning the fight as he pushed Sarpa down on the bed and pulled his jeans and jocks off. The fucking in this scene is incredible. Sarpa can’t get enough of being hammered by his new muscly mate. I love pairing up my mates for these 1 on 1 scenes. And putting Sarpa with Skippy worked out perfectly! Make sure you check out all of Skippy and Sarpa’s videos with my mates now at BentleyRace.
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