Beefcake Hunter - Gary the biker is back!

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Description: Ladies and Gentlemen (yes..there are some Ladies Hunters here!), the sexiest biker that Washington State has ever produced is here! Our prayers were answered and Beefcake Gary the biker is back! It was months ago when we got the first taste of Gary’s mouthwatering cock, and he even assured me that he was coming back for an anal scene, but he didn’t. He was called for a new job the very next day after our shooting and he decided to cancel. I also believe that he may have had some doubts about his performance in a fuck scene, he hasn’t fucked a guy before and his anxiety is reasonable. Gary has found a job but the pay is not that good, so he is planning to go to College soon. Meanwhile he is exploring his options, and guess what? It seems that he has found or is in the talks for a gig as a straight porn actor with a company in California, wow! Can you imagine Hunters, if that becomes a reality, we got him first! We should be proud! Lol and it seems Gary is pretty willing to practice at BeefCakeHunter Land for a while, and from what I experienced this time with this sexy guy, is that he can manage to keep his cock rock hard all the time, that is why this video is longer than usual. The riding of his cock was amazing, I could go to any speed and that cock was still hard, and then some more sucking. After that some doggy style. I even included some behind the scenes parts so we can appreciate Garys’ sexiness. After all, this is our video 101 and it had to be special! I ended up very exhausted, but pleased and satisfied that we got our Biker back. I hope is not the last time and even if he becomes a straight porn star he would come back to us! Enjoy guys this video, Gary the biker is back!
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