Montgomery2 Anal

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Description: Montgomery is back and this time its a serious matter because Rob takes him to the next step in the “gay for pay” process.. ass fucking! Now to a straight guy the idea of fucking a dude’s ass isn’t top on the list but when they have to just sit back and do absolutely nothing and get his cock riden dry… well that’s a whole another story! Watch as Rob easily makes this straight boy spill the juice. Montgomery has become a hit at the website and with good reason when you take a look at him. Today I put him in Marine Blues and goddamn does look good and authentic! It only made me want him more so we moved quickly into the shooting room and get settled into the scene and the cameras started rolling. Rob immediately jumped into action. Without even taking his shorts off, Rob had already whipped Montgomery’s cock out and was sucking that rock hard uncut madness of love without any hesitation. The looks on Montgomery’s face were quit interesting to watch because most of the time he was glued onto me and not too much on the pussy he was suppose to be watching on the screen. Soon I had him butt naked, asked him to put his hands behind his head and then i jumped on that rock hard dick and swallowed it up with my ass. I side saddled this guy and began to bounce on his cock which he was apparently not use too because it didn’t take long before I had him sweating and becoming shifty and uncomfortable as I bounced on his cock harder and deeper taking him closer to the point of no return. I think Montgomery wasn’t aware that was possible. Soon I picked up the pace on the bouncing and It didn’t take long before Montgomery was already giving me the warning… only way under his breath. I think straight guys are a little embarrassed to admit a dude can make him feel good so they try very hard to play it down but the eyes don’t lie and the look on this boy’s face when he busted was sheer joy and bliss! I think Ive done my job here!!
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